Fast Track Your Journey is...

A 4-Week Step-by-Step Confidence Building, Lead Generating, Customer Wow-ing System for expanding your XERO ADVISORY business so you get more time doing the things you love with the ones you love!

If you are losing sleep over work that you haven’t done yet, you know that that client is going to call in the morning and start spitting carrots… If you are not looking after yourself because you are too busy looking after everyone else – clients, staff, family and friends… If you are stuffing around on the internet looking at other Xero advisor’s sites looking for ideas but then too scared to take action on yours… If you are tired. Yep, just tired… If you are overwhelmed by the pressure of doing this business thing because stuff just isn’t working and you feel like you don’t know as much as everyone else doing it perfectly… If you know you can create this dream business that you have envisioned because you can FEEL IT, but you just don’t know HOW… then be prepared to start smiling more, to actually get through that to-do list for the day and spend your life working with your dream clients wherever you want to!

Module One: Clarity

Get clear on the Xero journey that’s right for YOU. In week one, we are going to review your journey so far. What's working? What's not? Fast Tracking your Xero Journey is guided by your awareness of where you are at and where you want to be - and deciding on the actions you are going to take to get there. This FOUNDATIONAL week is where you will always come back to every time you need to up-level and take your journey to another level!

Module Two: Confidence

Week 2 is all about Confidence and Mindset. I believe that it's not your ability to do what you do - your skills - you are amazing at what you love, but it's your confidence that holds you back. This week, we work on building confidence, becoming aware of what we already know and need to know to get to where you want to be and how the practical aspects of selling with confidence and re-building your whole mindset around the process of planning and implementing to fast track your Xero journey.

Module Three: Productivity Queen

Oh how I love this week! I know I couldn't do everything that I get done in my world - with a number of businesses and our family with 6 kids - without these fundamentals of productivity and time management that help keep me focused and in flow! Without these skills, there is no reason for learning promotion skills and marketing because when you are running an unproductive business and living a time poor existence chasing your tail feeling like time owns you - then you aren't fast tracking your journey to the place you want to be. This week will help you see how you can be more productive and truly have more time to do what you love with the people that you love, whilst growing the business you love.

Module Four: Marketing Maven

Week 1. Get clear on the business and life you want to live. Week 2. Build your confidence and work on your mindset to give yourself permission to create the business and life you want to live. Week 3. Become the productivity queen - it's a process, but it sure is possible. (this is coming from the most naturally unclean and disorganised person I know - me!) .... Enter Week 4. Time to attract the clients you want to work with. Charge what you are worth and become THE expert in your field and your area. You will learn the systems, the processes, and the final steps you need to take to Fast Track Your Xero Journey!

I've been in your shoes - no matter where you are at - because I started at the bottom! You are exactly where you need to be right now but if you have that gnawing feeling inside that you CAN have the business that gives you more time to do what you love with the people that you love - then it's time... to Fast Track Your Journey!


Since I discovered Xero in 2009 as a bookkeeper, I have founded and sold my 100% Xero Silver Partner tax firm, grown my expertise and reputation across the world and I am now a highly successful cloud integrator and international Xero Ecosystem Trainer. I have made mistakes and had struggles – I want to help you learn from my mistakes and fast track your Xero journey today.

Jeri Murphy
Xero Ecosystem Trainer, Co-founder of and Founder of Ecosystem Expert Academy
  • 28 Daily Videos

    One 5-8 minute video on WHAT you need to do, HOW to do it and WHY! (no fluffy crap here)

  • 28 Daily Worksheets

  • 4 Weekly Live Webinars

  • Private Facebook Community

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2016 Live Round Starts 1 July 2016

Jeri Murphy’s course transformed my business on so many levels. In fact, I would go so far as to say it transformed me as a person. Reflecting on the course tonight, I can see the impact on both the business and myself through routines, habits, processes and systems that are now such a  part of what I just ‘do’ that it’s strange to think they didn’t exist before. I gained an incredible amount from learning to schedule properly – ‘if it’s not scheduled it’s not real’ – this has been a really powerful tool for me. I also learnt an incredible amount from a technical perspective about how to use Xero to its full potential. Jeri is a natural teacher with a wealth of experience.

Gabrielle Osborne, Premium Business Group

You want to grow your business...

Have you got the systems in place to ensure you get MORE time doing the things you love with the people that you love as your business grows?

Fast Track your Journey was an excellent resource to push me along in my business and allow me to really focus on what matters in business and in life.  As a result I have made lots of positive changes which has flowed through to more time for my family and I, more dollars on the bottom line and happier clients. properly – ‘if it’s not scheduled it’s not real’ – this has been a really powerful tool for me. I also learnt an incredible amount from a technical perspective about how to use Xero to its full potential. Jeri is a natural teacher with a wealth of experience.

Jac Gallagher, Notch Above Bookkeeping

Let me say it like this…

I remember the ups and downs that I have had since discovered Xero in 2009.

There were times when I was so overwhelmed, confused and stupidly unproductive because I didn’t know what to do next. I missed opportunities because I was not confident in my abilities or messed up a great client relationship because I was too overcommited and couldn’t set boundaries.

I set my prices too low for SO long because I was too scared to charge more because I didn’t think I was worth it.

I got jealous of the other Xero business owners that appeared to “have it all” and felt like I couldn’t do it because I was tied down by my family commitments and for a long time believed “I’ll just make a good go of it when the kids get to high school… in like 7 years!”.

In 2007, I had my son and started my bookkeeping business – a MYOB and QuickBooks bookkeeper and trainer. I was a fully qualified Accountant trained up for 3 years at KPMG but I needed to find a way to work and look after my family from home.

In 2008, I had my first daughter and studied full-time completing post-grad university subjects on Taxation and Corporations Law to gain my Tax Agent’s licence in 2009. All whilst running the business and raising my two little monsters.

In 2009, I discovered Xero… oh wow, did that change my life or what!?! I had more time back because there wasn’t so much data entry. I didn’t realise at the time that it was just the beginning!

In 2010, I had my second daughter (yes, that’s three kids in three years!) and I opened my own 100% Xero Accounting Firm in the Hawkesbury where I lived (near the foot of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia). I was 26 years old! I never imagined that I would have ever been able to open my own firm at that age, but I did. Because of Xero – the single ledger, the beautiful professional reports, the AFFORDABILITY.

In 2011, I implemented. I learned. I trained. I trained bookkeepers. I trained clients. I dabbled in AddOns. I absorbed, researched and learned everything I could about Xero, how to make the most of everything it could do (which wasn’t that much back then) and just watched on eagerly at all the other Xero partners and what they were doing right and wrong… I also got divorced. Bring on the stress and pressure of not only running a business but raising and financially supporting the family on your own!

In 2012, I was approached by Interactive Accounting, Australia’s first Xero Gold Partner, to acquire my firm and for me to establish their Training and Bookkeeping department. I worked closely with them for six months and it was here that I was thrown into the world of the Xero AddOn Ecosystem, many Xero conversions and training businesses and clients of all shapes and sizes. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and have never looked back. I don’t think I have done a tax return since 2012 (except my own of course).

In 2013, I moved on from Interactive Accounting (among many things the commute to the city daily was just too taxing on me and my family), I took a position with one of the leading AddOns, Unleashed Software. As the company is based in New Zealand, I worked from home as one of the first Australian’s team members enabling and supporting new Unleashed partners, training users and top accounting firms around the world (from my dinner table!) as well as meeting with potential customers every day discussing solutions for their business by understanding their needs. This is where I learned how to integrate not just one system with Xero but two!

In September 2013, I created determined to share with the world what I know and help others experience the powerful integrations – the auto-magical process that saves so much time and money for all involved. Customer Wow-ing stuff! Again, I implemented. I trained. I helped business owners who had tried and failed. I learned what it was that people were doing that worked and what doesn’t.

In 2014 and 2015, I developed my business as an international Xero Ecosystem Trainer and I dedicate my life to helping other Xero advisors learn what they need to learn to have the same success I have had since I discovered Xero. My business hit 6-figures (which I had never done before!) after only 6 months back 2014 and I haven't looked back since.

In 2015, after meeting my soul mate and amazing husband, Marlon, together we started and developed the cloud integration side of the business. It's crazy how Marlon and my life paralleled before we finally met and he's an absolute magician when it comes to implementing Addons - together we make an amazing team.

I love what I do every single day. I work from home, drop my kids to school close by and often sneak off to the movies with my husband or have a long lunch when we don't have anything pressing to deal with.

I do look back on my years of being single and all I achieved then to build this business on my own. Is it easier now that Marlon and I work together? Oh yeah... but together we use the foundations, the system and the skills that I teach here in Fast Track Your Journey to move even faster than I did on my own.

I know I get more done than I ever have in my life because I have the clarity of exactly what I want to do, what I love to do and what I can do. I have the confidence from years of experience, trial and error and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to use Xero and the Add-On ecosystem to it’s fullest potential.

Here’s the thing…

The revolution of the cloud accounting industry is not waiting for anyone. I knew in my heart that I couldn’t wait 7 or 10 years, even 2 years, to set up my business and take advantage of this cloud accounting boom.

It is no secret that many people can charge higher prices now because the demand is just so high. I don’t charge any less than $330 per hour because I simply know I am worth it and people need my help.

There is a demand out there in the market for people just like you who love what they do, want to help others and make good money doing it. You can live a balanced life and create a business that means you can be a great mum and an awesome business woman.

The cloud enables us to do this whilst we stay close to our families and connect with clients easily from wherever we need to be. What is stopping you from living the life that you want to live and doing the things that you love with the people that you love?

  • Lack of Clarity?

  • Lack of Confidence?

  • Lack of Productivity and Motivation?

  • Not Getting Enough Leads?

  • Scared of or Confused by the Add-On Ecosystem?

  • Frustrated because you want to Expand and don’t know how?

That’s what Fast Track Your Journey is all about. I don’t want you to stumble and fall like I did. Let me tell you what I learned and get you on the right path – one perfect for YOU.

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2016 Live Round Starts 1 July 2016

Jeri has motivated & inspired me in so many ways. Her course came at the exact time I needed a kick in the butt to get my business back into a growth phase. I learnt valuable knowledge about productivity, marketing my business, having more confidence in my awesome skills and very importantly, work/life balance just to name a few. I’m eternally indebted to Jeri for all that she has shared with us. I highly recommend any course Jeri offers and look forward to further learning myself. Jeri taught me that it’s ok to Jump and Trust and that everything is Figuroutable. Thanks, Jeri! xx

Elizabeth Salter, Blue Emerald

Featured on the Xero blog...

Here's a video I did a while ago explaining my Xero journey so far and how #xerochangedmylife. I was absolutely beside myself with joy when Rod Drury shared it straight onto the Xero blog with the comment "Seeing partners thrive". Check your email for the link to watch it on the Xero blog.

We have worked with Jeri on a number of occasions and found her to be professional and approachable at all times. Her knowledge of Xero is exceptional and she has the ability of communicating complicated information in an understandable way. If you have any questions on Xero then Jeri should be your first point of contact!

Jon Leighton


Our 14 day Money Back Guarantee

After 14 days, if you are not getting results from my Fast Track Your Journey program, I am 100% happy to refund your investment. I will require all the homework to be submitted from each of the daily worksheets provided with your request. You can’t Fast Track Your Journey without putting in the work!